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Time Xpress Online offers a cloud solution to the modern way to work.

Why Time Xpress Platform?

Time Xpress platform lets you focus on what is best for your business. Time Xpress platform frees you from infrastructure management, server provisioning and network configuration.

Do more wherever you are

Access your company from anywhere and on any device. Works with other users at work and in your everyday life.

On any device and at any time.
Get access to the payroll information of your company on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Work together and collaborate from the desktop, mobile and web.

Give your employees all the benefits of the cloud, to do the work with tools that protect important data of the company.

Web-Based Software improves communications and coordination with all the users.

In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive.

Cloud software requires no initial capital investment. There is no software to download or install on site.

Time Xpress Online highly intuitive web-based user interface allows you to easily manage your company from any device.

Time Xpress Online is perfect for mixed environments because it allows users to work across Hyper-V and other supported platforms.